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Multi Color sound activate Underglow Lighting kit

This RGB LED Underbody Kit is the perfect way to add multi color accent lighting to any vehicle at a great price. Featuring 72 ultra bright 5050 (3 chip) SMD RGB LED, four pieces 60cm (24 inch) strips. The lighting functions on this kit are easily operated by the included wireless remote. The control box offers 24 modes lighting effects.

All vehicles / automotobiles with a 12V power source

Package Including:
 4 x 60cm / 24" 5050 SMD RGB LED strips
 1 x Controll box
 1 x Wireless remote

20x zip tie

100% Brand new, never used or installed.
Easy to Use Control Box and Wireless Remote
Total 72pcs LED 5050 SMD
Sound activation that will activate when it detects a sound (press "B" button for 5 seconds to activate sound mode, press "B" button for 5 seconds to de-activate sound mode)
Waterproof, made from flexible PVC materials (not designed to be used underwater)
Memory function
, remember the last mode you set
Made from RGB 5050 SMD LED which are brighter and clearer then tradition LED
This kit is expandable and will allow you to easily add up to 8 strips.
Power wire: 40" long, each strip wire: 100" long, the wire is long enough to fit the vehicle's front and rear.

Sound Active:
Extremely popular sound activation mode. The sound activation mode allows the LED lights to react to the beat of the music playing inside of your vehicle.

The control box is non-waterprooof.
For best results, mount the control box someplace hidden, but not near a lot of metal.
Red wire for positive, black wire for negative, yellow wire for door power or brake power ( so the light strip will be on when the door open or push the brake. )

Available Lighting Effects Include (24 modes):
7x solid colors (green, red, blue, yellow, purple, light blue, white)
7x single color breath modes (green, red, blue, yellow, light blue, purple, white)
1x 7 colors fade modes
2x RGB cycle modes
1x white flash modes
4x single color strobe modes (green, red, blue, white)
1x RGB strobe cycle modes
1x sound activation modes (white)