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18" POWER6 Brightest LED Emergency Warning Light Bar

This POWER6 18" Lightbar is designed to meet the needs for all emergency vehicle Lighting. This 360-degree lighting system features an extremely low profile, which enables stealth, improved aerodynamics, and fuel-efficiency. This POWER6 light bar also features 48pc of 3-Watt Generation 5 LEDs for the brightest light output in every direction. This lightbar has been tested to withstand the worst weather conditions and is fully weatherproofed. This light bar comes with a cigarette light switch to control ON/OFF and change different patterns. There are 18 pre-programmed selectable flash patterns, 4 removable magnet mounts, as well as a surface mount bolting option for permanent mounting. With its intelligent, rugged, and efficient build, the POWER6 Lightbar will make sure that you are seen on the road.

Color:  Amber, Amber & White, Blue, Red, Red & Blue,          Red & White, Blue & White, Green, Green & White



    Low amperage draw (voltage: 12VDC)
    Features 48 GEN 5  3-Watt TIR LEDs
Low profile, aerodynamic design
    Fully weatherproofed
 Self contained internal flasher
    18 user selectable flash patterns, includes cigarette plug switch
    Both Magnet and permanent surface mount options available
    Dimensions: Length: 18” x Length,  12” x Width, 3” x Height (with magnets)


Package included:

1 X Light Bar

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